Corsair Obsidian 550D Quiet Mid-Tower Case

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The interior of the 550D is adequately sturdy, particularly the hard drive cages, which have very little give. However, for a case in its price range, its side panels are noticeably anemic, only 0.6 mm thick. Thankfully there is a substantial amount of noise dampening foam lining the panels, making up for some of the structural deficiency.

Measuring 5mm, the noise damping sheets are among the thickest we've seen in a case. The material is rather stiff, with a springy, styrofoam-like texture.

The side panels are secured with bayonet mounts along the top of the case. The barbs holding them in place move forward temporarily when the release mechanism at the back is pushed. It's a clever system and a nice change from the usual side-mounted thumbscrews.

Component placement is typical for a modern tower. There's a large hole on the motherboard tray for CPU heatsink backplate installation and large cable routing holes. The two hard drive cages at the front of the case are both removable via thumbscrews.

The case ships with three 12 cm stock fans, one in the back and two in the front. There are two more 12/14 cm placements at the top and on the side panel, and a single mount on the case floor as well.

The bottom of the power supply is cushioned with rubber pads, but there's also some damping material running around the edges of the rear.

The upper drive cage is secured to the one below it, but not to the 5.25" cage above. Despite this, the arrangement is quite secure. When the door is shut, there is a narrow gap so the intake fans aren't suffocated. The sides of the cages are ventilated as well to maximize airflow.

Loops for typing down cables are available at the back around the edges of the motherboard tray.

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