Audioengine A5+ Speakers and Wireless Audio Adapter

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The Audioengine A5+ came double-boxed, with a reasonably tough plain brown outer carton. The inner box features typical retail graphics and text.

Our sample of the new Audioengine A5+ came double-boxed in a brown carton, with this colored retail box inside.

The speakers are well-protected with closed-cell foam end caps as well as soft drawstring bags.

Well protected for shipping.

The rear view of the satin black finish A5+, plus the other contents of the package: mini-jack audio cable, 2m; RCA to RCA audio cable, 2m; 16AWG speaker wire, 3.75m; detachable power cord; setup guide. Note the slot vent across the top portion of each speaker's back panel.

The rounded-corner enclosures are made of MDF and have a nice solid heft and feel, with a good satin black finish. A dense cushioned pad is fixed to the bottom panel, which also has a 1/4" threaded insert for stand mounting. A stand with such hardware is not offered at the Audioengine web store at this time, however.

Finally, the front view. The left speaker features a volume control, an LED light on the far left showing power status, and a similar round white disk which is the IR receiver.

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