Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider case

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November 12, 2003 by Mike Chin

Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider
mid-tower case
Chenbro Micom
Sample Supplier:
FrontierPC Vancouver, BC, Canada
CA$89 / ~US$65 (pricewatch)

Chenbro is not the manufacturer that springs to mind as the likely maker of a PC case called Gaming Bomb Xpider. This is the product name on the bright, colorful box.

From what we can gather, Chenbro is a conservative 20-year old case company that has focused mostly on the server and industrial markets, and mostly produces PC cases that -- judging by the section on their website -- appear generic. Staff reviewer Ralf Hutter, who knows a thing or two about cases, says

"Prior to the 3700AMB I always lusted after the Chenbro Genie with the server door. They have 120mm fans and I always wanted to build a well-ventilated, low-fan speed system - back in the day."

But none of them looked anything like the Gaming Bomb Xpider, which is a big break from the conservative Chenbro norm. This is a very different case from their others.

First impressions are always significant, whether proven right or wrong. The Xpider is striking. The sample provided by FrontierPC is a darkish blue bezel against a black finish on the metal. It is the plastic bezel that is the most distinctive aspect of its appearance.

One imagines that the name Xpider must have come from a visual interpretation of the front bezel's appearance. Perhaps it is meant to spark an association with the famous strange-looking gaming rig called Alienware. Interestingly, this blue is only one of 4 colors available, the others being green, gray, and something between orange and brown. The blue and gray are cool and conservative enough to fit reasonably well into most environments while the green and orange/brown make bright, bold statements that will probably go over well with the young and young at heart. The asking price seems well within market expectations.

Whether you like it or not, the bezel design is fairly distinctive. The colors strike us as fun. But as you'll soon see, Chenbro's slightly whacky-looking Xpider case is a very serious exercise in airflow optimization and tool-free user-friendliness.

The Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider case is part of Frontier PC's donated Prize in Silent PC Review's Fall 2003 Giveaway!

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