Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider case

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Let's look at what Chenbro says about the Xpider / Gaming Bomb.

Effective Thermal Dynamics

  • Optional 92mm front and 120mm rear cooling fans
  • Pass Intel 3.06GHz CPU thermal test
  • Slot bracket with venting holes
  • Easy air intake by metal mesh design

Excellent EMI Solution

  • Optional EMI liner for slot window
  • Optional EMI liner on the edges

Installation and Maintenance Time Saving

  • Rear fan holder for easy installation
  • Easy bezel removal design
  • Detachable internal drive cage
  • Screwless slide rails for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • Optional screwless holder for add-on card

Safe Assembly

  • Folded edge for each part
  • Membrane of side cover to avoid scratch

Configuration Flexibility

  • Screw-mounted or rail-mounted for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
  • Optional extra 2-bay or 4-bay HDD cage
  • Rackmountable by tray

Max. Security

  • Support Kensington lock, and optional intrusion switch and Keylock
  • Side cover latch

Optional USB2.0/Audio or USB2.0/Audio/IEEE1394 FPIO board

Dimension (DxWxH): 465mm x 198mm x 425mm (18.2"x 7.8"x 16.7")

Drive Bays

  • Exposed 4x 5.25"
  • Exposed 1x 3.5"
  • Internal 2x 3.5"
Switch: Power ON/OFF
  • LEDs: Power ON& HDD Activity
  • Slot Opening : 7
  • Front Panel I/O (Option): 2xUSB2.0,2xAudio, 1xIEEE1394
  • Security Lock: Keylock, intrusion switch and kensington lock supported
  • Construction : SECC
  • Net Weight: 8.2 Kg


Let's examine the front again. Behind the pattern, the lower half of the case is a lot of open metal mesh. On either side of the colored plastic center, the black portion is open mesh. Promising for airflow. In the center, a hinged cover the opens to reveal USB and audio ports. No firewire on this one, though there is a spot for one.

You've seen the front; the right side is solid. No vent holes.

Now the back. Yes, the fan grill is the same kind of open square pattern as used in the Evercase 4252 and some other nice cases. And it is big enough for a 120mm fan! A 92mm fan was supplied with my sample. More on that later.

Note that like the Antec Sonata, the right side is not removable; The top and right side are one piece, as can be seen by the pop rivets that hold the whole piece to the back panel. We'll see whether this is a detriment. There are no screws for the left side cover; instead there is a slider device and a cover lock with a couple of keys.

The PCI slot covers are ventilated -- this might be the reference to "slot bracket with venting holes" in the manufacturer's notes. Again, there is something a bit odd to the right of the PCI slot covers, like a cover with 3 screws. More on this later.

Here's the left side cover. The Plexiglas window is set flush with the steel in the pattern created by the holes in the metal. The Plexiglas itself feels solidly in place. It would appear that an all-metal side cover is not an option.

Opening the cover is simplicity itself. The slider latch device on the back is pushed about an inch upwards, the cover is slid backwards about half an inch, then it pulls forward, pivoting from the bottom lip. See the animated GIF below. The cover lifts off nice and easy.

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