Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider case

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Pictured below are the innards of a quiet system in a Chenbro Gaming Bomb Xpider built by FrontierPC that will be reviewed as a Prebuilt System in the near future. It has a few more loose wires than normal because of temperature sensors and other monitoring devices installed for testing.

An ATI 9800 Pro VGA card with a noisy whiny fan was installed just to see how well the case contains the noise, and to check for vibration levels. This was particularly important because of the screw-less design, which can be susceptible to rattling. The side panel could definitely fit more tightly than it does.

Surprisingly, there was no evidence of any buzzing or rattling from any part of the case, even with the optical drive whirring away like a 747 at 52X speed (like they all do). (And if there was any rattling, a bit of electrical tape on key mating surfaces around the side cover would have quickly fixed it.) The Plexiglas portion of the side panel seems to contain the noise inside at least as well as an all-steel panel. In fact, the Plexiglas may actually offer an improvement over all steel, but this is a topic that deserve more serious attention in a separate article.

Without the hot and noisy ATI 9800 Pro VGA card, this is a quiet system. System basics:

  • AMD XP2500+ (Barton)
  • 256MB DDR memory
  • Asus A7N8X-X nForce2 400 chipset motherboard
  • Samsung 40G hard drive
  • Seasonic SS300-FS (older version) power supply
  • Arctic Cooling Copper Silent 2 TC heatsink/fan
  • Arctic Cooling TC 80mm case fan

All settings in the BIOS as well as in Windows XP were at default.

20°C room ambient
Max (