Asus P8Z77-V Pro: Xpert Fan Control for LGA1155

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The P8Z77-V Pro's UEFI sports the same mouse-enabled interface as Asus' series 6 boards. The advanced mode has a clean, well-laid out UI, and being a Z77 motherboard, there are many options with regards to voltage and frequency manipulation.

Available AI Tweaker settings.

UEFI/BIOS Frequency/Voltage Summary: Asus P8Z77-V Pro
BCLK/PEG Frequency 80 to 300 MHz
Turbo Ratio Up to 65
CPU Voltage Offset +/- 0.005 to +/- 0.635 V
CPU Manual Voltage 0.800 to 1.920 V
VCCSA Voltage 0.800 to 1.700 V (0.925 V default)
CPU PLL Voltage 1.200 to 2.200 V (1.813 V default)
PCH Voltage 0.800 to 1.700 V (1.062 V default)
Memory Frequency 800, 1066, 1333, 1600, 1866, 2133, 2400 MHz
DRAM Voltage 0.800 to 1.920 V
iGPU Max. Frequency Up to 3000 MHz
iGPU Offset Voltage +/- 0.005 to +/- 0.635 V
iGPU Manual Voltage 0.800 to 1.920 V

The voltage options offered are typical for a board of this type with high upper limits. The CPU, integrated GPU, and memory can be pumped up to an 1.92 V, far more than what most enthusiasts would ever dream of using. The BCLK frequency tops out at 300 MHz which is completely unnecessary as the clock generator is tied to other peripherals like the SATA bus. All but the slightest adjustments can cause data corruption and general instability.

The hardware monitor menu in the UEFI reports the usual CPU and motherboard temperatures along with the fan speeds of all six fan headers.

Fan control options.

The new Fan Xpert 2 is one of the most exciting OS-level utilities of the higher-end models of the P8Z77 series, but things are much simpler at the UEFI level. Fan control is handled in a similar fashion to previous Asus motherboards with fixed, automatic, or manual settings. However, BIOS fan control is still much improved over previous boards, as there are five controllable PWM headers, rather than two or three. Also, each individual header can be controlled independently where as previously all the Chassis fans were grouped together under one setting.

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