Asus P8Z77-V Pro: Xpert Fan Control for LGA1155

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Power Consumption

Note: WiFi adapter disabled during power testing.

PCs employed for personal use typically set idle or are tasked with simple operations for long stretches of time. This makes the power consumption during these situations often more critical than when the system is on load.

When idle and under light load, the P8Z77-V Pro isn't particularly energy efficient, edging out only P67 motherboards from Gigabyte and Asus paired with a discrete graphics card. It used 3~4W more than the first Z77 board we reviewed, the Intel DZ77GA-70K.

On load, the P8Z77-V Pro becomes much more frugal, turning the tables on the DZ77GA-70K by the same margin as in the light load test. The board employs a more sophisticated power regulation system which is typically found on enthusiast class models to make power consumption more efficient in the face of high frequencies and voltages.

The difference is noticeable when we look at the amount of energy pulled from the AUX12V/EPS12V connector. On full load, 75% of the DZ77GA-70K's system power consumption was delivered from 8-pin port compared to 66% for the P8Z77-V Pro.

The power consumption figures using an Ivy Bridge processor mirror those we got with Sandy Bridge. The P8Z77-V Pro is more efficient on load, the DZ77GA-70K at idle.

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