Jetway AMD G-T40E Fanless Barebones Nettop

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3D Performance

GPU-Z screenshot.

Compared to AMD's top-of-the-line E-450 APU with HD 6320 graphics, the G-T40E's HD 6250 graphics chip has half the clock speed and memory bandwidth and only supports DDR3-1066 rather than DDR3-1333. As the CPU portion of the processor is also substantially slower, the 3D performance isn't likely to standout.

Overall the 3D performance is 50% to 60% that of the E-450, but it does manage to easily beat out Intel's latest Atom offerings. In 3DMark06, the result was triple/quadruple that of the N2800/N2600. While it does outperform Atom by a huge margin, it's still unsuitable for gaming in general unless we're talking decade old titles.

Note: due to lack of DirectX 10/11 support and immature drivers, we weren't able to make any Atom comparisons with 3DMark Vantage/11 or any of our real game tests.

CPU Performance

CPU-Z screenshot on load.

The G-T40E APU is built on the same technology as the E series, but with a clock speed of just 1 GHz (800 MHz when idle), it is at a severe disadvantage. It should still be able to put up a fight against Intel's latest Atom processors though.

In most timed application tests, the G-T40E was more or less on par with Intel's new Atom N2600. The one exception was in video encoding, where it took more than 30 minutes to complete, the slowest results we've ever gotten. Realistically, it's unlikely anyone would use either processor for such tasks. For normal day to day use, the performance is quite similar.

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