Fong Kai FK330 mid tower case

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Nov 16, 2003 by Russ Kinder

Fong Kai FK330 mid-tower case
Fong Kai Industrial Co.
Sample provided by the US office
US$139 at - The only North American retail distributor of Fong Kai that we could find at time of publication.

You may never heard of Fong Kai. But you've definitely seen their cases. Fong Kai is a big name in the OEM market, having been one of the major suppliers to the likes of HP, and they are beginning to establish name recognition in their own right.

Actually, a few years ago, Anand's Hardware (as they were known then) took a real shine to the Fong Kai FK-603 and FK-320A cases, both of which are still available, according to the Fong Kai web site. (They do look a bit dated by current standards.) That exposure probably helped raise the company's profile with enthusiasts.

The company's newest offering, the FK-330, is described as a "Medium Tower Workstation Class." Its look is as modern as any case I've seen.

The exterior of the FK-330 can be summed up in two words: "Simple Elegance". Nothing flashy, no doors, no windows. Just basic matt black and silver. The paint finish is very good, a step above most case paint jobs, better than the Antec SLK3700BQE. The black with silver bezel and stripe lends an understated yet classy touch and allows it to look good with either black or silver optical drives. (Silver faced components can be had from numerous vendors. Directron, for example, will custom paint any drive for $8.)

Fong Kai's complete details on the FK-330:


  • Workstation class mid-tower - Supports EATX and ATX. Single or Multi-Processor Motherboards.
  • Up to 3x 3.5 HDD with 1x FDD/HDD Combo Bay.
  • Dual Xeon approved with space for several additional components, and easy installation of components.
  • 120mm and 92mm Dual Fan Cooling System - Excellent thermal properties multiple configurations.
  • One hand operation of Tooless / Screwless Side panel - Quick easy access.
  • Easy in HDD drive cage -3.5" Easy in Tooless / Screwless Drive mounting system of Hard Disk Drives (Pat. Pending.)
  • Quick Mount 3x 5.25 drive cage - Tooless / Screwless Drive mounting system of Optical Disk Drives
  • 5.25" devices mount with or without drive rails. Pat. Pending.
  • Reinforced motherboard plate - eliminates chassis flex during shipment.
  • Tooless / Screwless Expansion slot card installation - Pat. Pending.
  • AGP/PCI Card Retention system for expansion slots. Pat. Pending.
  • Front Connectivity including USB2.0, IEEE1394, and Audio

Chassis Dimensions

Height - 17.50" (internal - 15.75")
Depth - 19.75" (internal - 17.75")
Width - 8.25" (internal - 7.50")

The dimensions put it solidly in the mid-tower class, except for depth: The FK-330 is a good 2" deeper than the 18" or so typical of most mid-towers. Although the weight is not given, on an ordinary bathroom scale, it measured a very considerable 32 lbs with the supplied power supply. Take away ~4 lbs for the PSU, and you have a case that weights around 28 lbs or nearly 13 kg. Compare that to the Chenbro Gaming Bomb at ~8kg or the Antec SLK3700 at ~9kg. This is no lightweight.

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