Fong Kai FK330 mid tower case

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So we've seen the features, and they are plentiful and nice, but do they perform as advertised? Only one way to find out. Here's a complete system I installed to test the case. It's not quite up to Ralf Hutter's neatness standard, but it's not bad.

Well I'm no Ralf, but it's not bad.

Test System components:

* ABIT NF7 motherboard, with latest BIOS revisions. Modified with passively cooled NB.
* AMD XP2100+ Thoroughbred B, at stock speed and voltage (1.65v, 62.1 Watts max)
* 1GB of PC2100 RAM.
* ATI 9500 graphics card, cooled with Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer.
* Seagate Barracuda IV hard drive.
* Pioneer DVD-Rom drive
* 300W Fortron Aurora PSU, with fan control set to minimum speed.
* Panaflo 120mm L1A fan @ 5v
* CPU temperatures read from the internal thermal diode with Motherboard Monitor 5
* Ambient temperature was 22°C

NOTE: The FK-330 ships with a Delta 320W power supply. This is a value workhorse PSU, and is nowhere near quiet enough in a stock form to be used in a silent PC. To make the testing relevant to how most of our readers will use this case, 300W Fortron Aurora PSU was substituted.

Idle temps were determined by starting the machine from cold and allowing the temps to come to a stable point. Load temperatures were generated by 60 minutes of simultaneous CPUBurn and disk defragmentation.


It's pretty clear from the numbers that this case breathes very well. The lack of spot cooling for the HDD turned out to be a total non-issue. Perhaps if you were running a stack of hard drives the temps would be higher, but I think that having an intake this free and open really pays off.

Initially I had some concerns that the front bezel would allow extra noise out the front, but this proved not to be a problem. Although there would be more noise if you were running a louder HDD or an intake fan, overall the noise from the case was very subdued. I couldn't detect any rattle or vibrations during use, even when the DVD drive was spinning. The side panels exhibited a remarkable lack of resonance, as tested by the highly technical "palm of the hand" test. This can probably be credited to the dual layers of steel on the top and right side.

All in all, the FK-330 is an excellent choice for just about anyone looking for a high quality mid-tower case.


- Simple elegant style
- Rock-solid construction
- Free flowing air intake/exhaust path
- 120mm fan exhaust capability
- The best-ever side panel latch
- Nearly tool-less component installation
- No sharp edges
- Roomy interior


- El-cheapo included PSU
- HDD racks non-removable
- Wimpy door on front ports


Our great thanks to Fong Kai USA for the FK-330 case samples and for their information support.

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