Scythe Big Shuriken 2 & Reeven Vanxie CPU Coolers

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The Reeven Vanxie is composed of a copper base soldered to two copper heatpipes surrounded by aluminum fins. Including the fan, it measures 80 x 34 x 98 mm (W x H x D) and weighs approximately 180 grams.

The fins of the heatsink at the center are different from the rest because they are physically bonded directly to the base. In contrast, the tighter pattern fins around the periphery are joined to heatpipes which connect to the base. .

At 38 mm tall, the Vanxie is incredibly short. The fins on the exterior are 0.28 mm thick and spaced 1.39 mm apart, on average.

Its two copper heatpipes and base are nickel-plated, soldered to together to improve conduction.

The base is flat with an almost mirror polished surface. Circular ridges are visible in the right light.

Intel mounting requires the use of metal mounting clips secured to the base. Extensions with holes for the more common sockets (775, 1155/1156, and 1366) are then screwed on (note: they are upside down in the above image). Bolts with rubber washers are inserted on the other side of the motherboard to complete the installation.

It's a very snug fit, with the heatpipe ends almost touching a pair of capacitors.

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