Thermalright Archon SB-E 15cm Fan CPU Cooler

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The Thermalright Archon SB-E is composed of a copper base, 8 x 6 mm thick copper heatpipes soldered to 44 aluminum fins, all nickel-plated. The heatsink measures 172 mm tall or 6.8 inches which exceeds the clearance limit for some smaller cases and it should be noted the stock fan, depending on how it's mounted can increase the height further.

The heatpipes are staggered in a cramped layout to accommodate the cooler's eight heatpipes. This increases the separation, allowing more air to flow around them. Though quite long, the heatsink isn't particularly thick at 53 mm.

The base is polished to a mirror shine. The surface is very slightly convex to ensure good contact with the center of the CPU's heatspreader.

An odd little slit has been cut down the middle of the heatsink, giving it a bit more ventilation, though we can't imagine it makes much of a difference. The holes at the top and bottom of the image are for the fan clips. Both 12 and 14 cm fans are supported.

The Archon's fins measure 0.49 mm thick with an average of 2.33 mm separation. The fin spacing is unusually large for a Thermalright heatsink, making it more suitable for low airflow cooling.

The included mounting system is similar to the one employed by the Thermalright Silver Arrow, except the large thumbscrews have been replaced with standard screws, making it more difficult to put together. The LGA1366 installation procedure is detailed here (ignore the AMD references; the Archon SB-E has a universal backplate).

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