Lian Li PC-Q18: The Perfect Mini Server Case?

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The Lian Li PC-Q18 measures 365 x 199 x 290 mm or approximately 14.4 x 7.8 x 11.4 inches (D x W x H) and weighs 3.35 kg or 7.4 lb. While the proportions have been altered compared to the PC-Q08, the total case volume is similar, about 21 L.

The front bezel is similar to the PC-Q08, except the reset button has been shed, a "Lian Li" label is affixed to the bottom, and the front USB 3.0 ports have greater separation between them so a bulky USB dongle won't block off the adjacent connector.

The top is the same, featureless except for a filtered 14 cm exhaust fan secured with regular fan screws.

Due to the limited space inside, the power supply has to be slipped in through the rear via a metal bracket. The numerous ventilation holes of the PC-Q08 are noticeably absent on the PC-Q18.

An optional 14 cm fan placement with an external removable dust filter is located on the case floor.

Unlike the PC-Q08 which used six tiny screws to attach each side panel, the PC-Q18 has a less tedious friction mount system; the panels simply pull out with brute force.

There are also eight rather than six mounting points and they are located closer to the corners. This combination is more secure and should create less vibration. The panels themselves are thicker as well, 2 mm vs. 1.5 mm on the PC-Q08.

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