Reeven Kelveros & Arcziel CPU Coolers

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Physical Details & Installation: Reeven Kelveros

The Reeven Kelveros is composed of 59 aluminum fins friction fit to two 6 mm and two 8 mm direct touch heatpipes made of copper. The cooler measures 130 x 160 x 79 mm or 5.1 x 6.3 x 3.1 inches (W x H x D) and weighs about 940 grams or 2.1 lb.

On average, the fins are 0.47 mm thick and spaced 1.61 mm apart.

Viewed from the top, the fins have a bat-like shape.

The oddest feature of the Kelveros is its two 6 mm thick heatpipes intermingled with two 8 mm thick pipes. This does cover more area than say, three 8 mm pipes, but it also means more wasted space taken up by the metal separators which are required for heatpipe stability.

For Intel installations, mounting brackets are screwed in around the base and then extenders are attached to the ends, securable at different points depending on the socket. The board is then flipped upside-down and bolts are inserted through the backplate to complete the process.

Installed on our LGA1366 heatsink platform.

As the bolts are thin and go in through the back of the motherboard, it's easy to end up with an off-center mounting. The metal clips are also prone to bending downward when under pressure.

It's also notable that the ridges running up each side for the fan clips do not go all the way up. The clips have to be tucked under the plate at the top of the heatsink.

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