Reeven Kelveros & Arcziel CPU Coolers

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Physical Details & Installation: Reeven Arcziel

The Reeven Arcziel is composed of 60 aluminum fins friction fit to three 6 mm copper heatpipes which are in turn soldered to a large copper base. The cooler weighs 480 grams or 1.1 lb and measures 95 x 121.5 x 116 mm (86.5 mm tall without the fan) or 3.7 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches (W x D x H).

The 92 mm stock fan is mounted on rigid plastic clips, elevated 7~8 mm from the heatsink surface.

The heatpipes curl into a set of ridges underneath the fin-stack. The fins are 0.28 mm thick and spaced 1.41 mm apart on average.

The base surface is slightly convex and finely polished.

For Intel installations, the metal clips have sliding pushpin system to accommodate the various sockets.

Our original intention was to mount the Arcziel on our LGA1366 heatsink testbed but this proved to be impossible. The pushpins did not extend out far enough, sitting at an angle when the heatsink was centered. Engaging one side prevented us from engaging the opposite side. We even went so far as to use tape to ensure they were extended as far out as possible.

Our LGA1155 heatsink test platform proved to be more accommodating.

Another issue came up when we removed the fan. The fan clips are extremely brittle, breaking with little effort. After swapping fans a couple of times, we had only a total of three functioning clips left.

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