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The current version of the NZXT H2 looks identical on the outside to the sample we reviewed last year, but vent openings around the front and bottom are increased in size. It is only a bit larger than the generic mid-tower. An AVADirect badge adorns the top left corner of the front panel.

The AVADirect system is housed in the NZXT H2 case. The cover over the top fan grill remains off, as an exhaust fan is fitted there.

Here's a shot of the interior from the back. The WD HDD is not visible because it is housed in the Smart Drive enclosure beneath the optical drive. Note lonely SSD in the tall drive cage.

Interior from the other direction: The Gainward Phantom GeForce® GTX 560 Ti 2GB card is surprisingly small, and its two fans are embedded under the heatsink fin stack. There are a total of 10 fans in the PC, which seems counterintuitive for a quiet PC: backpanel exhaust, top panel exhaust, two front panel intake fans, one bottom panel intake fan, two fans on the CPU cooler, two fans on the GPU cooler and one fan in the Seasonic X-660 PSU.

The wiring is neatly organized, mostly out of sight behind the motherboard tray. As mentioned in the caption above, 10 fans seems like a lot for a quiet PC, but keep in mind that multiple high quality fans running very slowly often make less noise while creating more cooling airflow than fewer fans running at faster speed.

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