SilverStone Precision PS07: Budget MicroATX Tower

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The Precision PS07 is a modestly sized microATX tower, measuring 21.0 x 37.4 x 40.0 cm or 8.3 x 14.7 x 15.7 inches for a total volume of 31.4 L and it weighs 5.2 kg or 11.4 lb. It's almost exactly the same size and weight as the Temjin TJ08-E; only depth is greater by 1.5 cm.

It's unusual to see a SilverStone case with a plastic bezel but it looks rather fetching paired with the aluminum on the left side. The shape of the start and reset buttons has been changed from round to square to better complement the crisscrossing lines running across the front face.

The intake fans are mounted with standard fan screws and are impeded by a curved, swing-out fine mesh filter and a plastic door.

The rear is identical to the TJ08-E with ample ventilation surrounding the expansion slots and power supply.

The same power supply fan dust filter with magnetized corners is present.

The bottom is similar as well except for the air vent under the front bezel.

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