SilverStone Precision PS07: Budget MicroATX Tower

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The PS07 is a bit small for a microATX tower, but everything inside can be taken apart. This makes assembly much easier than in a typical case with similar dimensions.

The motherboard tray is secured with three screws, but there are catches at the top and bottom to increase support.

Servicing and installing a system is not difficult thanks to modular design.

Another minor difference from the TJ08-E is the presence of release mechanisms for ejecting the 5.25 inch bay covers.

Cable management is good. The ample 21 mm of space behind the motherboard tray is very helpful.

The interior with our test system installed: Core i5-750, Radeon HD 6850, and Noctua NH-U12P. Note: There was 11 mm of clearance above the CPU heatsink, making the total clearance about 169 mm.

Though the PS07 is slightly deeper than the TJ08-E, we still ran into the same heatsink fan clearance issue. We had to move our CPU fan to the opposite side (pulling rather than pushing) to avoid interference with a hard drive mounted in the main cage. The NH-U12P is unusually wide at 71 mm but the fan would not have fit even if we used a right angle SATA power cable.

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