SilverStone Precision PS07: Budget MicroATX Tower

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System Configuration:

Measurement and Analysis Tools

System temperatures and noise levels were recorded with SpeedFan and GPU-Z at idle and on load using Prime95 (large FFTs setting) and FurMark, an OpenGL benchmarking and stability testing utility.

Stock Fan Noise

One of the PS07's 120 mm intake fans.

Rather than the Temjin TJ08-E's single 18 cm intake fan, the Precision PS07 opts for a pair of standard 12 cm variants. The model used is one we're familiar with, a "golf" style fan with a large hub, dimpled, paddle-shaped blades and 3-pin connectors.

With the stock fans at 9V, noticeable tonality was detected at about 300 Hz.

The stock fan had a "dry" character thanks to a low-pitched hum at all speeds. In addition, when both fans were on, we noticed an odd "wobbly" sound exacerbated by the intake dust filter. The filter is quite large and not particularly secure, so it amplifies vibrations generated by components inside.

Baseline Noise Level
Fan Voltage
20~21 dBA
23 dBA
15~16 dBA
18 dBA
12 dBA
14~15 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle left/front of case.

The measured noise level of the fans was reasonable considering they were 1200 RPM models. At 12V, the combined noise was 23 [email protected], very low for case not specifically designed or marketed as silent. The stock fans become quiet at around 9V, emitting 18 [email protected] in tandem. It should be noted that PS07 doesn't have a built-in speed control like the TJ08-E's large stock fan, so altering the voltage isn't possible without using either motherboard or hardware fan control.

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