be quiet! Dark Rock 2 Tower Heatsink

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The be quiet! Dark Rock 2 is composed of a copper base, 6 x 6 mm thick copper heatpipes friction-fit to to 44 aluminum fins, all nickel-plated. The heatsink measures 165 mm tall, but the effective height may be greater depending on how high the fan is mounted. According to our digital scale, It weighs approximately 890 grams or 720 grams without the fan and clips.

The heatsink is quite thick, measuring 71 mm across without the fan; we're surprised it doesn't have a dual fan option. The clips used to mount the fan are very tight, so taking it off frequently will scuff up the side.

The fan is unusual in a number of ways but the biggest difference is the location of the mounting holes. The corners stick out at the center of the housing which means it's not interchangeable with standard 120/140 mm models.

A thick, stylish aluminum plate at the top keeps everything in place.

The fins measure 0.38 mm thick with 2.22 mm gaps separating them, on average, ideal for low airflow/noise cooling. A single, small column of holes has been punched through at the center. The heatpipes are staggered so they each receive more equal airflow around them.

The fins have wavy edges and sinks inward near the center, an attempt to reduce the turbulence produced by the interaction between the fan and the heatsink surface.

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