Thermalright HR-02 Macho Quiet/Fanless Cooler

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The Thermalright HR-02 Macho is composed of a copper base soldered to 6 x 6 mm thick copper heatpipes friction-fit to just 31 aluminum fins. The heatsink isn't particularly tall for a premium model, 161 mm by our measurements. According to our digital scale, it weighs approximately 690 grams bare and about 850 grams total with the fan secured.

The X-Silent 140 has been Thermalright's go-to fan for the last couple of years. It's not a standard-sized 140 mm model but it has the same mounting holes as a 120 mm fan.

Two things about the HR-02 jump out immediately. Its 102 mm thickness is ridiculous, and its shape its asymmetrical. The fin-stack is not centered over the base but rather pushed to one side. While this unbalances the heatsink it also prevents interference with memory slots and reduces the proximity to the rear exhaust fan in most tower cases.

Like the Scythe Ninja series, the fins are rather thin, only 0.34 mm thick on average, making them prone to bending, particularly at the corners. The fin spacing is very generous, about 3.12 mm, ideal for low airflow situations.

Visible at the top are the "through holes," slits punched into every fin to increase ventilation. The big hole at the center acts a screwdriver access point for mounting the cooler. There are holes for mounting a second fan but only one set of fan clips is provided.

Faint semicircular lines from the milling process are visible on the base but it still has a mirror finish. Like most Thermalright heatsinks, the base is convex at the center, bumping outward slightly to maximize contact with the center of the CPU heatspreader, which is almost always slightly concave.

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