Thermalright HR-02 Macho Quiet/Fanless Cooler

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The most critical aspect of installation is that the heatsink be securely mounted. A firm mating results in good contact between the heatsink's base and the CPU heatspreader and more efficient heat conduction. Ideally it should also be a simple procedure with the user having to handle as few pieces of hardware as possible.

The mounting system is the same as the Thermalright Archon SB-E. Bolts are inserted through the backplate and held in place by white rubber washers.

A mounting frame is assembled around the CPU socket and a clamp goes over the heatsink base and is secured to the frame the frame with two screws. Prolimatech and Noctua use similar systems but are easier to assemble thanks to the use of thumbscrews and nuts with coarser threads.

Installed on our LGA1366 test platform.

After installation we found it difficult to insert one of the fan clips due to interference from one of the VRM heatsinks. It's advisable to do this beforehand.

There is about 49 mm of space below the bottom fin but total clearance depends on how the fan is positioned. With the HR-02 being so thick, adding a second fan to create and push-pull configuration might be helpful but it may be too close to the rear exhaust fan. If this is the case one could flip the heatsink around.

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