Antec P160 aluminum case

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December 7, 2003 by Ralf Hutter (with Mike Chin)

Antec P160 Aluminum Super Mid-tower Case
Antec Inc
Market Price:
US$115~140 (at publication time)

Antec has been busy: They've released more than a half dozen new cases during the past 12-14 months. There's the SLK1600, SLK2600, SLK3700AMB and SLK3700BQE, the Lanboy, the Sonata, the Overture, the Minuet, the new Super Lanboy... and the subject of this review, the brand new P160.

Antec copy writers were allowed off the leash for the promotional work on this one. From the P160 product page on their web site:

There are plenty of ways to experience mind-numbing performance. You could strap on a jet and blaze across the sky. Or you could just grab our new P160. Carved from supremely strong anodized aluminum -- the same stuff fighter pilots swear by*...

*Disclaimer: OK, that's not really true. But it sure sounds cool.

Woah! Are they still talking about a computer case? Does the P160 come with a shoulder harness and grab handles so you can hang on for dear life? Ah... well, they are having some fun, and that's not a bad thing. It just is. But just in case, here's a photo to bring you back down from the wild blue yonder and remind you that it is, in fact, a PC case.

As someone who keeps up with the computer case scene, I'm used to seeing people's feedback in forums on what they want from a case. The Antec Sonata was a big hit and seemed to fill a niche that never existed before. It is a popular case, but I've also seen a lot of people requesting an updated version. They say, "We want a case like the Sonata but how about adding a removable motherboard tray, making it out of aluminum for light weight, and selling it without a PSU so we can install the PSU of our choice". Another common request is for conveniently mounted front I/O ports like USB 2.0, Firewire and Audio out.

Well, it seems like Antec really listens to its customers because the new P160's list of features reads like it was lifted right off of a case junkie's wish list.


  • 1.2mm anodized aluminum
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • Front control panel swivels up to 45 degrees
  • Connectors: 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire, i.Link) and 2 x audio jacks
  • LED temperature display with two built-in sensors
  • Accommodates any ATX12V power supply
  • 10 drive bays
  • Color-coordinated CD-ROM & floppy drive covers

    4 external 5.25"
    2 external 3.5"
    4 internal 3.5"

  • Rubber mounting grommets in hard drive trays
  • Cooling capacity:

    1 x 120mm low speed fan
    1 x 120mm fan mount

  • Built-in washable air filter
  • Removable Side Panel
  • Fits motherboards up to Standard ATX

External Dimensions:

  • Height - 20.3"
  • Depth - 19.7"
  • Width - 8.1

The P160 is actually the first case in a new line that Antec is calling Performance One. They're calling the Performance One line a cross between a Quiet Computing case and a Performance case. Their promotional copy says

"It combines the best of Quiet Computing technology with Antec's years of experience designing high-performance cases"

Looking at the list of features, their claim seems justified.

To keep things quiet the case comes setup with a rubber mounted 120mm fan in the rear and can accommodate another 120mm fan in front of the hard drive bay for additional cooling if required. The P160 also uses the rubber mounting grommets in the hard drive sleds that Antec introduced in the Sonata.

The performance side of the equation is handled by the lightweight aluminum construction, the removable motherboard tray, the complete set of front I/O ports with built-in temperature sensors, the easily removable drive bays and the top-class case cooling provided by two 120mm fans.

Antec continues their attractive promotional packaging for the P160.

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