ADATA XPG SX910 128GB Solid State Drive

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Real World Performance

A Windows 7 image loaded with our test suite was cloned to a 50GB partition at the beginning of each drive and our entire test suite was run start to finish three times with a defragmentation (for hard drives only) and reboot between runs. Average times were collected for comparison.

Note: the SX910 is the first SATA drive we've encountered that is capable of exceeding the SATA 3 Gbps limitation of our test platform, so we had to upgrade to a SATA 6 Gbps system. A handful of SSDs and faster hard drives were re-tested to get some performance references.

The SX910 had excellent loading performance, especially when booting into Windows 7. It was fairly typical for an SSD, though slightly faster overall than the Corsair Force 180GB which uses an older variant of the SandForce controller.

In our application tests, the SX910 was the clear winner. The solid state competitors' low access times allow them to excel when using ExactFile to check file integrity. Creating an encrypted folder with TrueCrypt typically handcuffs SSDs, so it was impressive to see the SX910 edging out the current hard drive champ, the 1TB VelociRaptor, as well as put a beating on the older SandForce-based Corsair Force.

When we tested the VelociRaptor 1TB, its strong file copy performance was competitive with the consumer grade SSDs we had reviewed up to that point. The SX910 puts it back in place, winning by a comfortable 28%. It should be noted that many of files copied are heavily compressed, especially the large file batch which consists entirely of AVI files encoded using XVID and MP3/AC3. SandForce drives are faster with compressible data as they compress/uncompress data on the fly to improve performance.

Installation performance was the only area the SX910 faltered, finishing about six seconds behind the Corsair Force in PowerDVD.

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