SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E Evolution Case

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The interior of the TJ04-E has a traditional ATX layout except for an extra 2.5 inch drive cage on the floor behind the power supply. The internal build quality is fairly solid as you'd expect for US$150 case. The US$100 TJ08-E is noticeably flimsy by comparison.

Though the case isn't unusually tall, there's plenty of drive support. The main drive cage supports up to nine 3.5 inch drives while the smaller 2.5 inch module can take up to six drives. The smaller cage can also be fit into the larger one to make room for a long power supply or additional intake fan.

The primary drive cage has a nice metal handle to make removal easier. Notice how the entire intake fan is visible from the above angle. The inner side of the cage is very short with only one mounting hole. It's designed that way to fit the hard drive heatsinks. The interior of the module is also covered in damping material.

The power supply vent is larger than usual to provide better airflow for longer power supplies. There are also two long strips of soft padding to damp vibrations and separate the vent grill from the PSU intake fan to minize turbulence noise.

Two of the three stock fans are positioned in the top left corner of the case. The rear 120 mm fan acts as an exhaust while the 120 mm top panelfan blows inward. As the side fan is positioned as an intake, this makes the TJ04-E a positive pressure chassis.

Large, rounded holes are present all along the edges of the motherboard tray for routing cables, as are obligatory cable tie-down points. There's a good deal of room next to power supply for hiding cables as well. The case's intake fan is simply bolted to the side.

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