SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E Evolution Case

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Assembling a system in the Temjin TJ04-E is a straight forward affair. Our test system consists of an Asus 790GX motherboard, a ZEROtherm FZ120 heatsink with a Nexus 120 mm fan, a WD Caviar hard drive and a Cooler Master 700W modular power supply.

The 3.5 inch drive cage fits snugly, secured with four screws on the side. The 2.5 inch drive cage is attached from underneath the case.

There are no hard drive sleds or rails; drives are screwed in the old fashioned way. Also there is only one screw hole on the inner side of the cage. The remaining two drive mounting holes are thus free to be used with the included hard drive heatsinks. One heatsink can be used for up to four drives.

Our fully assembled test system with a Radeon HD 4870.

Cabling is easily dealt with behind the motherboard tray.

An ample 22 mm of space is allotted behind the motherboard providing some flexibility with regards to bundling thick cables together.

We found there was 14 mm of extra space above our 156 mm tall CPU cooler (SilverStone claims a limit of 168 mm).

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