Corsair Force GS 240GB: SandForce with Toggle-Mode NAND

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As solid state drives have no spinning platters or moving parts of any kind, they are effectively silent storage devices. It is possible that there could be a tiny bit of electronic noise (typically a high pitched squeal) being emitted, either intermittently depending on task, or continuously, but the Corsair Force GS 240GB is completely silent. In fact, the only SSD we've ever tested that made any audible noise was the Zalman S Series 128GB model which produced an odd high frequency squeal whenever it was accessed.


The Force GS 240GB is the latest and greatest SandForce SSD from Corsair, utilizing high performance Toggle-mode NAND to finish first in our real world performance benchmarks. The margin of victory was quite small however, only slightly edging out the ADATA XPG SX910 128GB which uses speed-binned but ultimately slower synchronous NAND. In typical day-to-day use it would be difficult to tell the two apart on performance and responsiveness alone.

Synthetic tests revealed that the Force GS handles random (mostly incompressible) data sets far better which is what we prefer as most files are pre-compressed to some degree to begin with. There were two areas where the SX910 took the lead however — sequential write speed was somewhat slower than the SX910 and using easily compressible data gave ADATA's drive a big advantage in small 4K block write operations. Despite these setbacks, the Force GS was still clearly the faster overall; it's a fairly well-rounded drive that performs well no matter the circumstance, something that can't be said for the SX910.

The current street price of the Corsair Force GS 240GB is US$215 making it far more attractive than the unusually high US$190 MSRP of the ADATA XPG SX910 128GB. Compared to other high-end SandForce offerings, the Force GS falls in the same price range as the 240GB versions of the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe and Sandisk Extreme, both of which also utilize Toggle-mode chips. We don't have experience with either drive but we expect they would perform similarly. Support also shouldn't be an issue as all three drives carry a three year warranty and are produced by manufacturers with a high degree of experience with regard to flash memory related products.

Many thanks to Corsair for the Force GS 240GB solid state drive sample.

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Corsair Force GS 240GB is Recommended by SPCR

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