ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC

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Installation of a PCI-E graphics card is a very easy procedure but it's nice to see exactly how much space the card takes up to determine case compatibility or interference with motherboard components. We also make a point to look under the hood and examine the heatsink itself.

The card extends about an inch past the edge of the motherboard tray in our modified Fractal Design Define R3 case. The hard drive cage was physically removed to make room for long cards but by the looks of it, the GTX 680 DirectCU II would have fit... if just barely. Also notice how much the card dips on the right side due to its weight.

A nice extra feature is the LED indicators for the external power ports that shine red when left unconnected. It's a useful reminder for even the most experienced PC builder.

The trace side of the card is covered by an enormous backplate with multiple ventilation holes. It's affixed at multiple points but only a few screws need to be removed to take off the main heatsink. The mounting holes around the GPU score are spaced 58 mm apart in a square formation.

The heatsink has five 8 mm thick direct-touch heatpipes, an excessive number considering the GPU core only makes contact with three. The aluminum fins are approximately 0.38 mm thick with 1.48 mm of separation.

The organization of the PCB components is very tidy with all the capacitors and inductors neatly arranged on the right side along with a long VRM heatsink. The memory chips are very close to the mounting holes though which might cause interference between third party coolers and their included memory heatsinks.

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