GELID GX-7 & Tranquillo Rev.2 CPU Coolers

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Of the two heatsinks we tested today, the GELID GX-7 Rev.2 is particularly disappointing due to its larger size and supposed flagship status. It really should've been at most, a five heatpipe cooler, as the extra two pipes don't make direct contact with the copper base. Heatpipes without good thermal conduction are inefficient, taking up space that could probably be better utilized. The mounting system also doesn't apply enough pressure and this issue was exacerbated by our sample's concave base. The GX-7 Rev.2's cooling proficiency takes another blow from its Wing 12 PL stock fan which has good acoustic qualities but subpar performance.

The GELID Tranquillo Rev.2 didn't impress us either but being a smaller heatsink with a less ambitious design we weren't expecting as much. It actually beat the GX-7 Rev.2 by a couple of degrees when both coolers were equipped with their respective stock fans. The Tranquillo's fan is pretty much the complete opposite of the Wing 12 PL, sounding bad but performing very well. The two coolers share the same mounting kit but as our Tranquillo sample's base was flatter, the resulting contact was a big improvement but it wasn't enough to produce results competitive with most of the coolers we've tested in the past.

Considering the US$40 Tranquillo Rev.2 edged out the GX-7 Rev.2 performance-wise, it's clear that the GX-7's US$65 price-tag is completely unjustified. In a smaller field, the Tranquillo might be more competitive but in a market filled with products that offer both strong performance and value, it too is outclassed. With so many quality alternatives there isn't much room for error and both heatsinks are flawed to varying degrees. We cannot know whether the non-flat bases are unique to our samples or typical of the line; naturally we can hope for the former, but this can only be verified by large sampling group reporting honestly in a public forum. It's hard to see who would make the risky purchase, though.

Our thanks to GELID Solutions for the GX-7 Rev.2 & Tranquillo Rev.2 CPU cooler samples.

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