Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB vs. Samsung 830 Series 128GB

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Real World Performance

A Windows 7 image loaded with our test suite was cloned to a 50GB partition at the beginning of each drive after a complete format. Our entire test suite was run start to finish three times with a defragmentation (SSDs and hybrid drives excluded) and reboot between runs. Average times were collected for comparison.

In our loading tests, both the Samsung and Kingston drives were a little slower overall than some previously tested SSDs due to a subpar result in Far Cry 2. Call of Duty 5 was very speedy as was the Windows boot process.

The HyperX 3K and 830 Series edged out the Corsair Force GS by fractions of a second in our application tests. All of the modern SandForce drives performed very well.

Our file copy test was dominated by the Samsung drive, smashing the Force GS's large file section record with Kingston's model trailing 4.5 seconds behind.

Both drives were tops amongst the current crop of SSDs in installation performance but surprisingly the old Corsair Force 180GB (first generation SandForce) has yet to be defeated.

To accurately represent the overall real world performance of the drives, we gave each model a proportional score in each benchmark series (loading, application, file copy, and installation) with each benchmark set equally weighted. The scale has been adjusted so that among the drives compared, a perfectly average model would score 100 points.

Though most of the Samsung 830 Series and Kingston HyperX 3K's results were very close to the Corsair Force GS, huge gains in the file copy tests gave them to edge. The Samsung 830 ended up as the new champ almost four points ahead, about 3% faster than the HyperX 3K.

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