Phanteks PH-TC14PE Dual Fan CPU Heatsink

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The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is composed of a copper base, 5 x 8 mm thick copper heatpipes friction-fit to 44 aluminum fins, all nickel-plated by the looks of it. By our measurements, the heatsink is 161.5 mm tall (6.4 inches) but the effective height depends on how high the fans are mounted. According to our digital scale, it weighs approximately 1320 grams (2.9 lb) or 960 grams (2.1 lb) without the fans and clips.

It's hard to deny the resemblance to the NH-D14. It has the same basic construction/design and even the fins are shaped are similarly. The only noticeable differences are the nameplates sitting a top of each fin section and the presence of five rather than six heatpipes.

Each tower is 58 mm wide and comprised of 44 fins (including the nameplate). The gap between them is small; with stock fan and isolation strips attached, there is only 2~3 mm to spare.

The fins have an average thickness of approximately 0.40 mm and are spaced 2.21 mm apart. They are slightly thinner and more tightly spaced than the NH-D14.

Big 8 mm thick heatpipes bulge out of the base.

Like Noctua's heatsinks, the base surface is slightly convex and the finish is short of mirror quality.

The stock fan has an interesting design with a dodecagonal shape similar to the Thermalright X-Silent though Phanteks' model is symmetrical, measuring 14 cm across both ways. It also has built-in rubber washers on the mounting holes and the blades have small ridges on the intake side.

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