Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler

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Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler

September 2, 2012 by Lawrence Lee

Prolimatech Panther
CPU Cooler
Street Price

Prolimatech burst onto the scene in 2009 with the Megahalems and quickly made a name for themselves as a top tier CPU cooler manufacturer amongst the likes of Thermalright and Noctua. While many blast the market with as many products as possible, Prolimatech has been very careful not to dilute their brand, focusing their energy on premium, high performance units. One of their more affordable heatsinks is the Prolimatech Panther, a modestly-sized US$50 offering.

The Panther box.

The Panther is considerably smaller than the last Prolimatech cooler we reviewed, the monstrous dual 14 cm Genesis. Compared to your typical 12 cm fan heatsink though, it's a bit of a lightweight. According to the specifications, it measures 130 x 50 x 161 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 570 grams excluding the fan, making it thinner and lighter than most of the big towers we've tested over the past couple of years. For reference, it's comparable in size and weight to the TRUE Spirit, a budget Thermalright tower.

Package contents.

The Panther ships with a 120 mm red LED fan, mounting hardware, four clips for two fans, a tube of thermal interface material and a short instruction guide. For installation, a simple bolt-thru system is utilized and though many manufacturers have moved to a universal backplate, the Panther's kit has separate gear for AMD and Intel motherboards. It's also notable that the Intel mounting clips and backplate are for LGA1155/1156. Since it is easy to add say, 1366 support, this is a clear message that Prolimatech does not intend for the Panther to be used with the 125W+ TDP CPUs that come in 1366 (and 2011) packages.

Prolimatech Panther: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Four high quality nickel plated heatpipes for effective heat transfer A hallmark of all Prolimatech heatsinks.
Equip with one 120x120x25mm PWM fan (800~1600 rpm) with four ruby LEDs Red is a nice departure from the typical blue assuming it's not too blinding.
Wide gaps between fins with mathematically calculated thickness Wide gaps are preferable for low airflow/quiet operation.
Supports Intel socket LGA 1155/1156 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+ With limited Intel socket support, it's not as versatile as most coolers.

Prolimatech Panther: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Heatsink Dimension (L)130mm X (W)50mm X (H)161mm
Heatsink Weight 570 g(heatsink body only)
including Fan 120x120x25mm Red LED Fan
CPU Platform Intel Socket LGA 1156/1155 , AMD Socket AM2/2+/3/3+

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