Seasonic G360 PSU: High efficiency & performance, low price

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As mentioned earlier, the casing is fitted to a high tolerance, and it was a bit of a struggle to get the two halves apart. Once open, the familiar ADD fan from pre-X series Seasonic PSUs is visible, and puny heatsinks reminicent of the ones that appeared in old 250W PSUs. Those heatsinks are where the similarity to earlier PSUs end; the rest of the components in the PSUs are not dissimilar to what's found in the X-series, with three daughter boards increasing both parts count and density.

A familar medium-speed 12cm ADDA fan, clean layout, nice quality parts.

Daughter boards, fan connector & other components.

Another angle.


The output cables are long enough for most cases, even with bottom PSU placement, which puts the main ATX and AUX12V connectors on the motherboard farther away. There is only one graphics card power connector, which is appropriate for the G360's power rating.

1 - Main ATX 20/24-pin connector, 20” (51cm)
1 - 4-pin AUX12V connectors that combine into an 8-pin EPS12V connector, 22” (55cm)
1 - 6-pin connector for video card, 22 ” (56cm)
1 - two SATA power connectors, 25” (63cm)
1 - two SATA power connectors, 20” (51cm)
1 - three 4-pin Molex, 26” (66cm)
1 - adapter cable for 4-pin Molex to 2 floppy drive power connectors, 6" (15cm)

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