Seasonic G360 PSU: High efficiency & performance, low price

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The Seasonic G360 power supply brings much of the X-series benefits to a lower power and price range without significant sacrifices. Its electrical performance and build quality are excellent, and the 5-year warranty dispells doubts that component quality might have been sacrificed to achieve the low price point.

The quick safety shutdown at only ~20W above the rated output load suggests that Seasonic engineers are more stringent in keeping the PSU from being operated beyond its parameters, perhaps reflecting the use of less tolerant components. The aggressive fan control profile also suggests that Seasonic is hedging its bets on longevity with a higher airflow than has been the norm for many of their other PSUs at similar loads. So the G360 is not the ideal PSU for a system that has low ventilation or airflow and sustained peak power higher than 150~200W.

Still, the high efficiency makes very low fan noise possible at lower loads, and if DIY users stay true to the usual practice of buying at least double the power their systems really need, the G360 will remain very quiet in most modern systems with a single intro or mid-range graphics card and a case with external air feed for the PSU fan. Such cases are the norm these days.

The G360 is a kind of throwback in some ways, as very few ATX PSUs rated for such low power have been released in recent years. But the power rating, small size and small heatsinks are the only reminders of earlier PSUs. This model has super high efficiency (over 90%), vanishingly low ripple and noise, superb voltage regulation, and a default fan level that makes even Seasonic's earlier 300~400W models seem noisy.

The $60 sale price at Newegg and other vendors makes this little PSU almost irresistable for SPCR aficianados. At time of writing, at least a handful of SPCR forum regulars have shared the experiences of their recent G360 purchases. There will surely be more.

Much thanks to Seasonic USA for the review sample... and the G360 Giveaway Draw for SPCR forum members.

For exceptional performance and value, the Seasonic G360 receives the SPCR Editor's Choice Award

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