Enermax Platimax 600W

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The casing is a classic clamshell design made of sturdy steel sheeting, with very good fit and finish. The unit is unusual in that it sports three transformers, and the parts density is high, with at least six daughter boards on the main PCB. As with so many new high efficiency PSUs, the lower voltage lines are all derived from the 12VDC line using DC/DC converters.

Clean layout, high quality parts, unusually high transformer count, and a 14cm fan with translucent blades that doesn't have great geometry for low tonality — the blades' trailing edges are parallel to the four struts.

Component density is high with six daughter boards on the main PCB.

As is the norm for super high efficiency PSUs, the heatsinks are small.

The twister bearing fan inside is marked as an Enermax, model ED142512W-DA. This fan was also used in some of the Modu/Pro 87+ PSUs, but repeated searches of the Enermax site (as well as the web) failed to turn up any specifications or other information about it. All we have is what Enermax says about the fan in its PSU description:

  • Minimal contact area for effective noise reduction
  • Rotor with integrated magnet for frictionless and smooth motion
  • Self-lubricating bearing material abrasion protection for longer lifetime


The output cables are all nicely sleeved and long enough for most cases with bottom PSU placement, which puts the main ATX and AUX12V connectors on the motherboard farther away.

1 - Main ATX 20/24-pin connector, 55cm
1 - 4/8-pin + 8-pin AUX12V connectors, 60cm

2 - 2x 6+2-pin connectors for video card, 50cm
1 - 4x SATA power connectors, 90cm
1 - 2x SATA + 2x 4-pin Molex power connectors, 90cm
1 - 4x 4-pin Molex and 2x floppy drive power connectors 105cm

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