Enermax Platimax 600W

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The Enermax Platimax 600W power supply delivers all the performance it promises, with exceptionally low noise at every power level under cool or hot conditions. Its electrical performance is excellent, and its acoustics are better than any other 600W PSU, and certainly a match in actual use for any fanless PSUs as well (and usually more pratical and easier to deploy).

There is really nothing negative to say about the Platimax 600W. One could quibble that its efficiency could be better at very low loads, but the counter argument is that if that is important, you should be looking at a lower rated PSU, as no PSU cannot be expected to be as efficient at 5% of rated load as at 50%. You could also complain that the 12V rail could be closer to 12V, rather than 0.35V high, or that the 5V regulation could better, especially at higher load. You could ask why the 12V rail is divided up into three 25A-limited lines when this is no longer required. Overall, however, the single substantial complaint you could make is that the Platmax 600W is overpriced.

A Platinum efficiency 600W Sparkle PSU is list at Newegg for $110. This is the lowest priced Platinum at the 550W~650W power range; there are about several other price around the $110~130 range. We cannot assume without a close examination that these other competitors match all of the Platimax 600W's laudable traits, but its $190 price tag at the same store has to be questioned. Is the Platimax better enough to justify this kind of price premium?

The Platmax 600W is a super-quiet, high performance, very high efficiency PSU with modular cables and a 5-year warranty. This is enough to earn an Editor's Choice award... but I'd hold out for a better price before buying.

Much thanks to Enermax USA for the review sample.

Enermax Platmax 600W receives the SPCR Editor's Choice Award

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