CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W PSU

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Silent Pro M2 720W
ATX12V power supply
Street Price

Long time readers of SPCR probably know that we've been using a CoolerMaster Silent Pro M 700W PSU for umpteen case reviews (and other assorted duties in our lab) for a long time. Our reasons for keeping the same test component for as long as possible is not about penny pinching but maintaining consistency over time, so that today's reviews can be easily and confidently compared to those done even years ago . As a result, our 3+ year old Silent Pro M 700W sample has taken quite a beating; remember that PC component makers do not really expect their products to be installed and uninstalled more than a few times. (Some long time readers might recall that we once quoted Intel saying that a CPU socket on a motherboard was not really intended to be used more than around 20 times.) Enough digression: Our old Silent Pro M just keeps on trucking through all the abuse, so we were curious about the newer Silent Pro M2 series. Hence this review.

There are six other models in the Silent Pro M2 series, and the 720W sits smack in the middle: 420W, 520W, 620W, and 850W, 1000W, and 1500W are the ratings of the other models. Five models in the original M series are still available. As long as we're counting, the brand actually offers a total of some 54 models, at least by my quick count on this CoolerMaster page. I could repeat what I've written in previous PSU reviews — that it is an incredibly large number of models, especially when some of them are only 100W apart — but it's not so incredible when you discover that most "serious" PSU brands offer similar numbers of models.

Unlike many of the PSUs I've tested recently, the Silent Pro M2 700W is not a super-high efficient model. It sports an 80 PLUS Bronze tag, which only requires minimum efficiency of 85% at mid-load, and 82% at full load and 20% load. By current standards, it's not a champ but a footman. Still, for a 720W Bronze unit, its typical pricing of $120 or more is on the higher side.

Full color retail package.

No fancy velour bag for the PSU nor pouches for the cables, just the basic gear: AC and output cables, screws, and an intruction sheet.

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