CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W PSU

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The CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W offers a nice array of positive benefits. Energy efficiency at 200~400W is nearly in the Gold class, a nice bonus given its Bronze rating, which can be attributed to its drop in efficiency at the low and high end of the power curve. Its 12V voltage regulation is superb, and the lower voltage lines are good enough. The noise and ripple performance is excellent, on par with some of the best tested recently, and it has no problem keeping itself cool. The build quality (with manufacturer Enhance) looks solid, too. While not the quietest at <250W load levels, its soft, smooth, broadband acoustic signature is very easy on the ears and increases slowly with load.

Given the overall acoustic and efficiency curves, this CoolerMaster might be just about perfect for an often-used gaming system with a somewhat higher idle or low load power, game play loads of 200~500W, in a modern case with good intake venting for the PSU. That power envelope covers a vast range of systems with CPUs from either Intel or AMD, and graphics cards of mid-to-high end from both nVidia and AMD that are not the latest generation — ie, cards that don't have as low an idle power as the latest. In such a system, the very-low-load inefficiency of the Silent Pro M2 720W is not a detriment, its high mid-power efficiency taken good advantage of, and its smooth low noise character will always remain below the acoustics of the graphics cards.

About the only real quibble is the configuration of those power cables for graphics cards with 6+2 pin and 8-pin connectors, which is poorly thought out. This is not an insoluble problem as the 8-pin connector can hacked for 6-pin operation if necessary. It could be that the latest shipping samples have two 6+2 pin connectors for the graphics power cables, but if not, I'd call CoolerMaster out on it. Finally, current retail pricing seems a bit on the high side, especially as money has been saved by the exclusion of packaging fluff like velour bags and cable pouches, but modular cables and a 5-year warranty from a big brand like CoolerMaster might be worth paying for.

It's easy to recommend the CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W, especially for the noise-shy gamer.

Much thanks to CoolerMaster for the review sample.

CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 720W is Recommended by SPCR

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