bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W Power Supply

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The bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W lives up to the promise of its good looks, the elaborate packaging and the marketing hype: It is extraordinarily quiet, extremely proficient from an electronic power point of view, and actually represents decent value at the current UK£90 selling price (without VAT). The flexibility offered by the array of output cables and those four independent thermally controlled headers for fans are quite worthwhile. The fan headers could easily eliminate headaches about how to keep case fans from ramping up noisily without risking overheating under high load. That saves worrying about whether your motherboard has a good built-in fan controller or having to spend more of your hard-earned money on an external multi-channel fan controller and further complicating the internal wiring.

Those fancy rubber bumpers probably don't do anything given the slow speed that the fan runs at through 95% of its rated power, but they don't hurt either. The mechanical integrity of the casing provided by the many screws that hold the two clamshell halves together probably helps to minimze vibration, too.

About the only charge that could be laid is that (at least this sample) just barely makes the 80 PLUS Gold grade... but I'm not making that charge, as it comes so close on both the 20% and 50% loads, and exceeds the standard at full load. The real quibble for North American PC enthusiasts is that bequiet! products still haven't made it over the Atlantic. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Seasonic-built 850W Platinum model will do.

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Much thanks to bequiet! for the review sample.

bequiet! Dark Power Pro 10 550W earns SPCR's Editor's Choice Award

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