Super Flower Golden Green 350W PSU

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When the Super Flower Golden Green 350P14XE power supply was announced a year ago, there was a bit of exceitement on tech hardware forums about a 90% efficient ATX power supply at this modest power rating and price. Most PSU brands have focused their 80 PLUS Gold and Platinum efforts on higher power models, likely following the premise that buyers are already spending more money on higher power, so a little more for the highest efficiency is not much a stretch. But this 350W model never made it to the US or Canada (under the Kingwin brand) and it seems to be already discontinued elsewhere, except in Korea, where the online shops might be showing old remaining stocks. This is shame because in most respects, it is a viable alternative to Seasonic's newly released G360 that was reviewed here a month ago.

Whether the 350P14XE failed to survive due to inadequate market demand or inadequate brand visibility and positioning is impossible to say. Looking back at Seasonic G360 sales a year from now might give us a hint; most readers would probably agree that Seasonic has a higher profile and greater pull in the market than Super Flower.

The electrical and acoustic performance of the 350P14XE is generally excellent, the only hiccup being the tonal hum which arose in this sample from a slightly less than perfect fit of the casing. As discussed in the review, the solution to this problem is relatively simple; those with less sensitive hearing may not be bothered anyway. Assuming the casing vibration tonaility is an anomaly, the biggest difference between the G360 and the 350P14XE is that the former is audibly quieter at lower loads (150W or less) and the latter is much quieter at higher loads. System load and normal use patterns of the user will determine which is the better choice for the quiet-loving PC user... but this is moot if the 350P14XE is not available.

Addendum, a few days after review was first posted: An issue pointed out by forum member multiplexer is the use of lower quality 85°C capacitors, which can shorten operational life expectancy if used in a hot environment, like a traditiona PSU-on-top ATX tower without a fresh air intake for the PSU. The Seasonic G360, in contrast, uses high quality Japanese brand 105°C capacitors liberally.

Super Flower offers several other Golden Green (80 PLUS Gold) models at 400W, 430W, 450W and 500W. This is a ridiculously cluttered lineup in my view, but never mind, we can hope that the 400W version offers similar performance and acoustics for a similar price.

Much thanks to Super Flower for the review sample.

The Super Flower Golden Green 350P14XE is Recommended by SPCR
(The use of lower quality 85°C caps is why it was demoted from Editor's Choice.)

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