ASUS F2A85-M Pro microATX FM2 Motherboard

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The F2A85-M Pro features the now standard ASUS EFI BIOS with a graphical user interface and mouse support. It first presents you with a simplified view with a run-down of the clock speeds, etc., but users who want to get your hands dirty will want to enable the advanced menu.

AI Tweaker menu.

BIOS Summary: ASUS F2A85-M Pro
APU Frequency 90 to 300 MHz (100 MHz default)
Memory Frequency 800, 1600, 1333, 1600, 1866, 2133, 2400 MHz
CPU Voltage (offset) +/- 0.00625 to 0.500 V
CPU Voltage (manual)
0.800 to 1.900 V
VDDNB Offset (offset) +/- 0.00625 to 0.500 V
VDDNB Voltage (manual) 0.800 to 1.750 V
DRAM Voltage 1.35 to 2.135 V
SB 1.1V Voltage 1.10 to 1.40 V (1.10 V default)
1.1VSB Voltage 1.10 to 1.20 V (1.10 V default)
APU1.2V Voltage 1.20 to 1.80 V (1.20 V default)
VDDA Voltage
2.50 to 2.80 V (2.50 V default)
NB VREF Voltage 0.360 to 0.990 V (0.675 V default)
DRAM VREFCA Voltage 0.360 to 0.990 V (0.675 V default)
DRAM VREFDQ Voltage 0.360 to 0.990 V (0.675 V default)
Memory Timing Options Advanced
UMA Frame Buffer Size 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB

For those who want even more value out of their FM2 system, ASUS provides a nice set of overclocking options. The base APU frequency can be cranked up to 300 MHz and voltage boosted up to 1.9 V. There's also a flexible array of controls for the chipset and memory.

Monitor menu.

Frankly, we're more excited by the F2A85-M Pro's fan control system than overclocking. The board is equipped with FAN Xpert 2, which allows for independent control of all four PWM fan headers. Each fan can be set to a prescribed setting (Silent, Standard, Turbo) but there's also a manual option where you enter in temperature and fan speed ranges. There are limitations, at least in the BIOS/UEFI, as the three chassis fan controls cannot be run under 60% speed (this might be a precautionary measure to prevent 3-pin fans from turning off if the speed drops to low). In Windows, the FAN Xpert 2 utility provides a more customized experience.

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