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Intel offers the package as a barebones with case, CPU-embedded motherboard and PSU. It comes in a small retail box. An AC cord is not provided, presumably because of the hassles of matching the AC plug for all the various places in the world where this product will be sold. The AC interface is a 3-plug C6 or "cloverleaf" connector.

The Intel NUC DC3217BY package: Case, motherboard inside it, 19V 65W notebook adapter, pictorial assembly sheet. Not shown, oacked under the case, is a metal VESA adapter plate which allows the NUC to be mounted on the back of a monitor. The half-size mini-PCIe wireless card and full mini-PCIe mSATA SSDs pictured above are not standard but provided as part of the review kit.

Here is the backside: AC input, two USB 2.0 ports. HDMI and Thunderbolt. The latter combines combines the functionality of mini-DisplayPort for video and PCI Express for other data. Note the small exhaust vents along the top edge of the back panel.

The underside of the case has a grid of slots which acts as an intake vent for the internal CPU cooler fan. The two open screw holes are for VESA mounting, and very intelligently, the screws in the rubber feet are captive so you can't lose them.

The 19V 65W adapter is an FSP brand, with "V" level efficiency, the highest category at this time.


Removing the four external screws allows the bottom panel to be removed. Here's the view which greets you.

The NUC case open: Two SO DIMM RAM slots, two stacked mini-PCIe slots, and connectors for the case-embedded antenna.

A couple of small internal screws need to be removed to get the motherboard out. The notebook style blower fan is on the flip side, along with a heatsink that has a cardboard shroud to help direct airflow out. The CMOS battery dongles and is affixed with double-sided tape.

Closer look at heatsink, shroud, fan.

Here's how the two mini-PCIe slot cards stack, half-size card on bottom, full-size one on top.

Our sample system with two 4GB sticks of 133MHz RAM. The mSATA SSD provided by Intel is a model 525, 180GB,SATA 6GB/s MLC, pricing for which could not be found anywhere on the web at time of writing.

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