Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler

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The NH-L9i is constructed like the rest of Noctua's heatsinks, with a copper base and heatpipes, aluminum fins, soldered joints, and nickel-plating. The dimensions are tiny, 95 x 95 x 37 mm or 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches (L x W x H) and there are just two short 6 mm thick heatpipes. However, this diminutive cooler is quite dense, weighing 420 grams or about 0.93 lb.

Noctua jammed 55 fins into the NH-L9i, making it the most tightly-spaced heatsink in their lineup. Each fin is approximately 0.44 mm thick and spaced only 1.16 mm apart on average.

As the NH-L9i has limited socket compatibility, the one set of included mounting clips is pre-installed for your convenience. The base is very flat with a well-machined surface.

The installation procedure is dead simple. Apply thermal compound to the CPU heatspreader, flip the heatsink upside down, lay the board on top of the heatsink and secure four thumbscrews at the back.

At 37 mm, it's no taller than an average set of RAM and barely extends beyond the outline of the CPU socket.

On our test board, it barely cleared some capacitors around the socket.

We were a bit surprised to see poor contact between the base and CPU heatspreader on a Noctua cooler. The omission of their famous universal mounting kit might be the source of the problem.

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