BitFenix Ghost: Quiet ATX Chassis

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System Configuration:

Measurement and Analysis Tools

System temperatures and noise levels were recorded with SpeedFan and GPU-Z at idle and on load using CPUBurn (K7 setting) and FurMark, an OpenGL benchmarking and stability testing utility.

Baseline Noise

The Ghost is equipped with a two low speed 3-pin 120 mm fans, one at the rear and one at the front. The cables were a surprisingly long 60 cm which is very thoughtful as sometimes they aren't able to reach the fan headers on some motherboards. Extra slack also gives users the opportunity to tie/tape them down to minimize cable clutter.

Stock Fan Noise Level
SPL @1m
12~13 dBA
14 dBA
16 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle left/front of case.

The front fan is marginally louder than the rear fan but they're both extremely quiet, measuring only 16 [email protected] at full speed inside our test system. They are actually too slow in our opinion; higher speed fans with some kind of control option would make the case more versatile. The character of the noise produced was excellent, very smooth and inconspicuous. If there were any tonal elements, they were not audible.

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