Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX Case

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The interior of the Elite 120 Advanced is altogether quite solid. The drive cage isn't removable, riveted in place making it extremely rigid. The support beams located at the top edges are reasonably thick and there's even a thin cross bar at the back of the 5.25 inch bay for extra support.

The layout is nothing revolutionary. The motherboard lies on its side with the power supply sitting above it, while the drives are relegated to the front of the case. It has accommodations for a full-sized 5.25 inch optical drive and three 3.5 inch drives (two of which can be converted into dual 2.5 inch bays).

A second 120 mm fan be attached in front of the drive cage though it's a flawed cooling strategy without a cool intake source. The cables for the front connectors are split into two separate bundles but cable management isn't an issue. Cables can be secured to the top beams and at the bottom of the case.

Multiple cable tie down points are provided surrounding the motherboard tray.

The front panel is removed easily, allowing access to the 120 mm intake fan. As characterized by its twisted blades, it belongs to Cooler Master's Blade Master series.

A second smaller fan is attached to a metal frame on the right side of the case, positioned as an intake fan blowing toward the CPU area. It's a nice addition but the fan is only a 80 x 15 mm model. The fan holder is attached with four screws, two at the back and two underneath.

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