Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Mini-ITX Case

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System Configuration:

Measurement and Analysis Tools

System temperatures and noise levels were recorded with SpeedFan and GPU-Z at idle and on load using Prime95 (small FFT setting) and FurMark, an OpenGL benchmarking and stability testing utility.

Baseline Noise

The Elite 120 Advanced has a standard 120 mm fan behind the hard drive cage and a thin 80 mm fan on the right side next to the CPU area. Both fans are 3-pin models with 4-pin molex adapters included. The larger fan is very quiet, producing only 20 [email protected]m at full speed while the smaller model is much louder, producing 28 [email protected], despite being on the far side of our standard microphone position. The quality of the noise is also disparate; the 80 mm fan droned and buzzed noticeably, generating tonal peaks through a wide frequency range while the 120 mm fan had a very smooth, broadband profile.

Stock Fan Noise Level
SPL @1m
20 dBA
15~16 dBA
12~13 dBA
<11 dBA
28~29 dBA
23~24 dBA
17 dBA
12~13 dBA
Measuring mic positioned 1m at diagonal angle left/front of case.

Given the differences in noise outputs, we highly recommend controlling the fan separately or controlling the side fan only as the front fan is fairly quiet at full speed.

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