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The Serenity Pro sample arrived via UPS in the usual large carton Puget prefers. Inside, the P183-housed system was securely packed in the original carton for the Antec case. Double-boxing is Puget's way of ensuring the system will arrive unscathed through whatever UPS can throw at it in transit.

This huge carton holds...

...the PC in the original P183 carton...

...along with a box holding unused accessories, parts, software documentation and a 3-ring binder detailing your system.

The binder holds a lot of useful information such as unpacking instructions, software serial keys, FAQ, troubleshooting tips, measured performance and burn-in data, and a pair of system restore DVDs. It is a thoughtful, complete customer care package which shows a commendaby high degree of attention to detail by the folks at Puget.

One of the most interesting extras Puget offers its customers is an email notification when your system is fully assembled and tested, complete with photos of your system, including thermal imaging shots of the system at idle and full load that graphically show the effectiveness of their cooling. Here are the images they sent of the review sample system.

System at idle.

System at load. Note that Puget does not use the same load testing as the SPCR PC Certication program.

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