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The build quality of this system is similar to previous Serenity samples, with AcoustiPack acoustic damping lining the inside of the top and side panels as well as behind the front door, and neat cable management throughout. The overall excution shows evidence of thoughtful care in system cooling and quieting. In case there is any doubt, this is a heavy system in a solid case: It tips the scale at 43 lbs.

A custom-fitted foam bag keeps the CPU heatsink and any add-in cards secure during transit. It is the same shock protection system used in all previous Puget systems, and it must be removed before using the computer. There are clear, detailed "Before powering up" instructions in the 3-ring binder supplied with the system.

The interior is a model of clean assembly. Sycthe Slipstream 120mm fans are used through, even on the now-familar Gelid Tranquillo CPU heatsink favored by Puget for its ability to withstand transit without any slip or movement. The 16GB of RAM is in two 8GB sticks, for dual channel support, and leaves two more RAM slots free (though it's hard to imagine the need for more RAM in a desktop PC).

In the lower chamber, the Seasonc X-560 power supply is mounted conventionally, fan side down. In the fron HDD cage are an Intel SSD and a 2TB WD Green, mounted vertically with damping rubber blocks. The front of the PSU chamber does not have an intake fan, which is probably perfectly OK as both the drives and the PSU run extremely cool.

The ASUS GTX670 graphics card is given extra support by a simple and effective clear acrylic brace. This helps the PCIe socket and motherboard to bear the weight of the heavy card and cooler, which can often be seen sagging on the inside end. Over the long term, the extra support should help avoid any malfunctions due to physical stress of the VGA card or motherboard. The cut and fit of the Acoustipak foam, the best of all the PC case damping foam SPCR has examined, is meticulous as usual in all the Puget systems examined thus far.

This angle shows the front intake fan for the main chamber of the case. It is fitted securely into acrylic cutouts on the inside of of the HDD cage so that it angles upwards a bit. Puget found that this provides better cooling airflow for both the CPU and the graphics card. Note the foam blocks that fill the unused space in the optical drive cage; airflow and acoustic flow paths are both tightly controlled in this system.

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