SilverStone Sugo SG09: SFF microATX Case

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The Sugo SG09 measures 22.0 x 29.5 x 35.4 cm or 8.7 x 11.6 x 13.9 inches (W x H x D) for a total volume of just 23 liters, substantially less than most microATX towers, which fall in the 30 to 35 liter range.

The front panel is made of plastic, only styled in such a way to resemble brush aluminum. The vent in the upper half is for the power supply's intake fan. Underneath it is a band containing the reset and power buttons, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone and microphone jack. An odd rectangular imprint juts out on the right side, above the vent for an optional 80 mm fan.

The most unusual aspect of the SG09's exterior is its split cover design — the lower portion of the left side comes off separately. This allows for quicker access to the video card area and the side fans. It's also easier to remove the larger portion without having to worry about multiple side fans and their cables. Both sections are secured with thumbscrews at the back but there's also a single screw on the side that joins the two to one another.

At the back there's a two speed fan controller for the 180 mm fan above the I/O shield and to the right is the exhaust port for the rear 120 mm fan. The expansion slots are ventilated and its screws are hidden by an access cover. The case is wider than most, evident by space to the left of the I/O shield.

The AC power connector juts out at the top of the case with the power cable plugging in from the side. An extension cable on the inside links it up with the power supply at the front of the case.

By default, the top fan is positioned as an intake which stays in line with SilverStone's preference for positive pressure airflow systems. The dust filters on the outside are easily removed and feature a honeycomb grill with a fine mesh overlay.

The smaller section of the outside cover extends partially to the bottom of the case, creating a noticeable lip underneath. Otherwise, the bottom side is barren, even devoid of case feet; they have to be added manually by the user.

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