SilverStone Sugo SG09: SFF microATX Case

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Like previous Sugos, the SG09 has good overall build quality. The internal frame feels quite sturdy and the exterior panels are 0.9 mm thick, just enough to avoid feeling cheap.

The top portion of the exterior shell comes off easily but it's difficult to get back on with all three sides flush with the front bezel.

The bottom section is easier to manage but it does require lifting the case up to get a good grip to pull on. A 120 mm Air Penetrator fan is pre-installed on the side. The other two mounts only support smaller 80 and 92 mm fans due to potential conflict with large CPU coolers. The corners of the placements are raised to give the fans some breathing room on the intake side.

The most notable feature is the front mounted power supply occupying the space normally reserved for a drive cage; hard drives and SSDs are mounted behind the motherboard tray. The layout is cramped with the motherboard tray pressing right up against the power supply frame. There's plenty of room at the bottom for a long graphics card, though, up to 13.3 inches according to SilverStone.

In bigger cases, the power supply is stationed at the top or bottom, which adds to the height, while smaller cases situate it above the CPU area, limiting the size of usable heatsinks. The SG09's front PSU placement gets around both issues. The PSU is a closed airflow system: Air in from the front, out the side.

The rear 120 mm exhaust fan top 180 mm intake create a similar airflow scheme, in through the top and out the back. This design is undoubtedly good for the CPU but with cool air being blow down toward the expansion slots, it makes it difficult for heat generated by a discrete graphics card to leave the case.

To keep the chassis height down, there's a slim rather than full-sized 5.25 inch drive bay. Slim optical drives are more expensive and require a SATA power and data cable adapter.

Like the Fortress FT03, hard drives and SSDs are mounted behind the motherboard tray. A large bar running across the CPU cutout supports a pair of 3.5 inch drives while four 2.5 inch drives can be accommodated in the brackets below. The top fan extends past the motherboard tray providing some cooling for this area.

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